Consolidation loan – Advantages of consolidation loans

  Why is it worth consolidating debts? The combination of several financial liabilities contracted into one is called debt consolidation. Which is distinguished by the extension of the repayment period, one installment and the unification of the interest rate. A consolidation loan is a banking product targeted at people who want to regulate their finances and regain financial […]

April 12, 2019

Where to Get a Fast Payday Loan?

  Each of us has different views when fast payday loans on the internet can be appropriate. Most are tax unexpected bills, auto repairs, health problems, especially favorable stock purchases. What would be the reason, it is important that the loan improved rather than the financial situation. In a situation where there is a suspicion […]

March 4, 2019

Why was my credit denied? How to get a loan?

How to get loan? The credit analysis to evaluate the possibility of a loan is very careful, after all this is how we managed to guarantee better rates for customers. If you have had your credit denied, do not be upset as there are a number of reasons that can lead to this.   Negative name     Being […]

March 1, 2019

Central risks, Find out what it is – Creditworthiness

What it is for and How to access data? First of all it is good to understand what we are talking about trying to better address the topic. We often hear about Crif , databases, reports, CTC and Central risks. But sometimes you get a lot of confusion with all these acronyms. The Risk Center […]

March 1, 2019

Loan for residual debt

If you sell a house, then of course you hope that you can pay off the outstanding mortgage amount. If that does not work, you will keep a residual debt . This can sometimes be co-financed in the mortgage of a new house. If that is possible, it is often the best solution, because mortgage […]

January 26, 2019